Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally, Alison posts Top Model!

All right. Who's the wise guy that stopped running ANTM marathons on MTV and Vh1? I used to live for that shiz. Anytime you have an entire day ahead of you and realize it has suddenly been shot down by hours on end of episodes you've already seen countless times--that's a good day, my friends. And I haven't had that for-ev-er.

Granted, admittedly I'm "over" the show. I mean, cycles 9 and 10 suuuucked. We all remember how the judges evilly punked us when the top 3 were Jennah, who rocked; Chantal, the blonde who couldn't model her way out of a paper bag which everyone admitted as much; and Saleisha the suck up. And who made it? Not Jennah! And who won? Saleisah the suck up, natch. Last time I checked being able to cry on cue was not a criteria for Top Model. I should know, I have a subscription to Vogue.

Then there was cycle 10, in which they apparently decided it was time for a plus-size model to win. Now, I am all for plus-size models (though frankly if they are plus-size I would probably be considered a morbidly obese model) and I agree one should win...IF she was good enough. But let's face it, that ship sailed in cycle 3 after Tocarra got the boot. She's been hands-down the only good plus-size model. But instead we got Whitney, the over-the-top blonde, who was clearly not as good as her other competition, Anya the anti-plus size model.

So, fine. Fixed modeling competetions. I didn't watch cycle 11 at all (though I did get updates from Wendell, the hilarious gay host at work, who kept me in the know on all things tranny model and who I also like to mimic the Tyra Banks "Smile with your eyes" routine with, you know the one--they do it every season). I couldn't tape it because we still rock the VCR and I already had to tape Project Runway while I was at work. And I suppose I could have taped/watched the Sunday re-runs of ANTM. But quite frankly, I couldn't be bothered. Anyway I already knew I would cave in and watch when they did the all day marathon of it on cable, when I could watch it the way it's best watched--holed up on the couch, looking like hell and eating junk food all the while...

Ah, hello, where's my cycle 11 marathon?
Stale, MTV/Vh1. I frown at you with eyes!

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Laura said...

Supposedly Oxygen? Or Life? Or We? One of those Lifetimey channels. broadcasts the marathons on Sundays! Word on the street, that is. This cycle was pretty deadly dull, though, gotta confess. And I watched all of it.