Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catching gossip at 65mph in -13F

I was driving home from class tonight, listening to Cooper Lawrence's radio show. The jury is still out with me and Cooper- well, I think I enjoy her as a person but I can't tell what city she broadcasts her show from and for some reason that REALLY bothers me.  She is a research psychologist, or something similar, so she must be kinda smart, and she wrote a book called the cult of celebrity, which I think is about why we are so obsessed with celebrity (wait- who's we?).  

ANYWHO- not the point. So- Cooper was making an appearance on a TV show today (Mike and Juliette?) and saw a hair lady that she knew.  You KNOW hair ladies got the good gossip.  The hair lady is going on tour with Britney for the year as she is the backup dancers' hair stylist. And SHE said that Britney is bringing a guest along on the tour- who you may ask? One MR. KEVIN J FEDERLINE!!!!!   According to the hair lady, KevLine is going with so he can be with the boys AND they can be with their mom. Wow.  Do you think they'll get back together?

Other hair lady gossip- she recently traveled with Alicia Keys on her tour and apparently Alicia Keys is not a very pleasant person. She is rude to people around her, demanding and talks down to her employees.  I am kind of disappointed in her, but somehow not surprised. 

This is all if you believe hair ladies. Which I do. Exclusively. 

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Alison said...

Is it odd that I secretly want them to get back together?