Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't need to look no further...

So I've been totally enjoying my Hills replacement the City and tonight was no exception. I love the fact that Whit is scoring points at DVF instead of Olivia and am still totally jealous of her life. One thing I'd change is Jay. I'm over his accent and his gorgeous eyes. (Was it coincidence that he was dining at Il Bastardo restaurant?) "Good things come in threes." Really Jay? It's cute that you've only had three girlfriends ever, but, ew. Why would you talk about your past lovers immediately after asking her to be your girl?

I think after tonight I'd totally go with Chris (aka DVF guy). He had that totally forward "I know I want you" look in his eyes and he seemed so confident in a nice guy way. Plus who doesn't want a guy that can hook her up with gorgeous clothing but doesn't seem too into fashion himself. I guess if Whitney doesn't want him she can send him my way. When we hanging out girl?

On a whole other note, as I said in my last blog, I love how I met your mother, but tonight it was totally violated by the presence of Heidi and Spencer. It was only a short hilarious moment, but still. Is nowhere safe?

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