Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

The Golden Globes are coming up and best believe I will be all over that like peanut butter and jelly on my toast every morning. Last year's broadcast was so depressing during the writer's strike. It was like, two nobody's delivering the results during some sort of E News-like format. The Golden Globes are awesome because everyone in the audience has access to alcohol.

So far I've only see one best picture nominee, The Reader, and I highly enjoyed it. I'm going to try and squeeze in Slumdog Millionaire before the awards so I can least have 2/5 of a chance of being psyched. I've seen two of the comedies, Burn After Reading and In Bruges, and I'm rooting for In Bruges which I laughed my ass off at, especially the line, "If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me, but I didn't, so it doesn't." (Apologies to Alli for the R word.) I'd like to see James Franco and Frances McDormand win, as James Franco was great in Pineapple Express and Frances McDormand is ever fabulous. Tom Cruise and Robery Downey Jr. were equally hilarious in Tropic Thunder but who among us isn't rooting for the late Mr. Ledger? And Batman needs props for something.

Let me tell you already got robbed, nomination-wise: Henry Ian Cusick for his brilliant, brilliant portrayl of Desmond on Lost. And hands down, the Golden Globe for best beginning in a movie should go to The Happening for the chopstick in the neck. I don't even care that this isn't a category, this scene just needs to get its proper recognition for awesomeness.


Kate said...

Saw Slumdog last Friday- good times. Kinda rough to watch at times, but I really liked. Brett REally liked it.

Kate said...

PS- school started. Life stopped.