Monday, January 19, 2009

A blow for Phoenixes everywhere

You know, like Nana Pratt once said, life is a bucket of worms, and you don't know what to do with it. But occasionally, every once in a great while, if you just muddle through and be patient, life throws you a bone. A big, delicious bone shaped like Joaquin Phoenix growing a Unabomber beard and announcing that along with the help of Diddy, he's recording...a rap record.

Yeah, sometimes life isn't so bad.
This idea, however--well, I can't really say the same for that!


Alli said...

have you seen that pic of him at a premiere with a man banana clip thing in his hair. truly hideous.

Andrew said...

Between this and the whole "frogs are growing out of my head" comment for the Walk The Line premiere, I'm starting to worry about him.

E! True Hollywood Story here we come.

We just need that guy to pull the chord on the suspended light and say, "Fame... Ain't it a bitch?" Remember that guy?