Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, another year of the Golden Globes are over, and I'm sure you've been dying to hear my deepest, darkest thoughts on the matter. I will start with the fashion. There were some fine lookin' ladies--Christina Applegate was quite lovely--but my vote goes with Laura Linney. Isn't she golden? There were also of course some odd choices. Sting looked t0e-up bad and Maggie Gyllenhaal's choice was a bit baffling. But Alisons' honors for Who The Hell Hates You Enough To Have Convinced You That THIS Was A Good Idea? goes to Miss Renee.

I was happy to see Kate Winslet get her two-fer wins (she easily deserved it for The Reader, which of course I can safely say seeing as how I saw it and all). Who wasn't validated to see Heath win, and Christopher Nolan gave an excellent speech in his honor.
Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange presented together and they were acting straight up goofy. I'm thinking they're maybe still in Grey Gardens mode?

The real highlights for me were the funny moments. Allow me to run them down:
*Don Cheadle's dry introduction of Burn After Reading, in which he points out he's never been asked to be in a Coen Brothers movie and given the chance, he would've crushed Fargo, and they always ask boring people like Brad Pitt (strategically placed front and center).
*Tina Fey's inspired moment of if you ever feel too high on your horse, "There's this thing called the Internet" and then proceeded to list off screen names of people who can "Suck it." See, this is why I love Tina Fey--who else marks a moment like winning a Globe with the phrase Suck it?
*Bruce Springsteen's valid observation that this is most likely the only time he will be in direct competition with Clint Eastwood.
*Ricky Gervais spotting Kate Winslet in the audience and reminding her it was his advice to do a Holocaust movie and the awards would pour in, followed by his obersavation that the only downside to a Holocaust movie is there's never any gag reel.
*Tracy Morgan's announcement that he and Tina Fey made a deal if Barrack won office that Tracy would do all the talking on behalf of 30 Rock.
*Collin Farrell being able to make fun of himself after a case of the sniffles that it was cold, not that other thing that it used to be.

In conclusion, Slumdog Millionaire is now posed to get some Oscar love and somewhere, John Adams can be happy knowing that for all his contributions to this great country of ours, Golden Globes can now be included. They'll start including that in social studies now, right?

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karL said...

holy eff, THANK YOU. that dress is wretched. i mean, really. REALLY?! GOD REALLY!