Friday, January 2, 2009

Sawyer needs a haircut.

I was watching the second disc of Lost season 4 last night. It got me thinking, as Lost usually does. It also got me crying and a bit sad that even though I love my boyfriend, I will never have a relationship like Des and Penny that transcends time and time travel and mysterious disappearing islands. Of course that having been said I don't have to worry about my dad being a total ass who's in competition with one of the scurriest characters ever to grace the screen who may or may not unjustly lead to my untimely demise. But I digress.

In Eggtown, when we first learn that Kate is Aaron's new ma, at the end she's talking to Jack and she tells him she knows why he doesn't want to accept Aaron as her son. Wait! But I don't know why! Does she know that Claire is Jack's half-sister thus Aaron is Jack's half-nephew? It appears Aaron has aged since they first return from the island when Jack finds out at his father's memorial. But did he ever tell Kate? And if Aaron is aging this rapidly how much time has passed on the island? Then I rememberd two key things: 1, time does seem to be a bit of an issue on the island and for all we know one normal year is 3 island months; and 2, this show doesn't need to make sense. That's not why I watch it. I watch it to curse the heavens over the entire debacle and still obsess over it at the end of the day. I guess that's my constant.

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Alli said...

I love sawyer's hair, you bite your tongue