Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Having a ball (or 10)

After my aunt's teary call I started watching the Neighborhood ball and while I am ECSTATIC about the day, the inauguration, the future, I have to share a few of the snarky comments I was entertaining myself with: 

So I was still basking in the moment of the Obamas' first dance as Stevie Wonder starts singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered with a cast of chanteuses.  I was into until Shakira jumps in and threw off the whole vibe. I like Shakira- she's got talent, but her uniqueness did not flow with the group they put her in. Ouch.  

Other thoughts on the ball: 

- Ray Romano? Really? He was actually kind of funny but I was quite surprised to see him walk out on stage to entertain the crowd.  Everybody loves him you know.  And this was the ball for everyone. 

- NICK CANON? Who let him in? He seems to be part-time emcee and part-time disc jockey.  He was probably Mariah's plus one. (edit: apparently he was the host of the night)

-Kate Walsh- her dress was AWFUL- and she used the phrase "extreme movement specialists" which is just ridiculous on every level. 

-Jay-Z performed in his new signature nerd glasses, which I am pretty sure he swiped from Kanye's closet last time they had a boys night in. But he can do no wrong in my book and I loved em with his tux- white vest and white bow tie. 

-Shakira did a harmonica solo during her solo performance-  made up for her arresting turn in the group number

-Kerry Washington looked like she had a root canal this morning and her face is still numb.

-In watching continuing coverage of the other balls I can tell you Obama is reusing lines at every ball.  And I bet they are getting sick of hearing At Last. Once Beyonce serenades you while trying to hold back her tears, the cd recording of the instrumental version really leaves something to be desired. 

- Jason Wu- dress designer for Michelle's ball gown called Anderson Cooper (how appropriate) to talk about the dress. Let me tell ya, he is a better designer than he is a speaker. He didn't know until tonight that she was wearing his dress. How amazing would that feel?

-Kanye on Anderson Cooper- performed at the Youth Ball. Opened for Barack and said this would be the only time he would be the opening act. Tongue in cheekly that is, cuz that's how he rolls.  

-Kanye says wow- George Bush is a human being and he hurts too. Too bad he couldn't do more at the end to help his legacy.  Is that a back-handed compliment or a front-handed insult?

I think that's enough live ball blogging for this year. I just want to know- what are Barack and Michelle saying to each other as they dance?

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Alison said...

I think she's telling him all the crud he needs to get done and he's saying honey, honey, let's start tomorrow. And she's like, look, buster, this country is effed, we got work to do. And he's like, later, later, what kind of puppy are we getting again? And why must Oprah follow us everywhere? Security!