Sunday, January 25, 2009

My soulmate

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Kate said...

THANK YOU! Geez. My aunt told me about that interview in great detail (she even got the right adjective in regards to the carrots) about a week ago, but insisted it was Conan. So I am on the phone with her tonight, trying to find it on youtube, again, and nothing. She even said it was on Conan on Jan 21. The lady is a Dave fan as well, so I said "are you SURE it wasn't Letterman?" Nope- she was sure. She even described Conan like responses to what Zach Braff was saying and telling me the silly Conan facial expressions he was making during the interview.

So I am desperate to find this video and I saw that you posted a Zach Braff video. I watched it, It was the EXACT interview she told me about except with Letterman. Talk about a Fight Club moment- I "see" the whole thing and think I know exactly who it is the whole time and all of a sudden I realize I was wrong and I see EVERYTHING the same, except It's not Brad Pitt, its the little guy. Er, Letterman.

So then I had call my aunt and explain to her that she TOTALLY Fight Clubbed me which I then had to explain since she didn't see the movie. What a night.