Monday, January 12, 2009

I am a robot I am talking like a robot

OK, here's the issue: whenever "Womanizer" comes on the radio at work I literally cannot stop singing it. And by singing it I mean repeating the word "womanizer" in a robotic voice. I'm like a train going off the tracks! It can't be stopped! I want to stop and the word just keeps coming out! I even tried substituting other work related words ("water bottle water bottle water bottle" you get the idea). It got to the point where I started to open my mouth and my manager would shoot me a "Don't you go there again" look. I don't even like the goofy song and yet it takes over my brain! Don't even get me started on the group of regular crazies who come in and when I was forced to wait on them I related the dream I had to my other coworkers where somehow I saw their house and their was a tiger buried in the yard. For the entire time I waited on them I kept saying, in a very loud voice, "Literally a tiger buried in their yard! Literally!"

Beats womanizer, I guess.

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Alli said...

We were posting at the same time. Cute.