Friday, January 23, 2009

A sort of answer for Kate

This Erin person from The City has been a puzzle to me as well, so I defer to my good friend Wikipedia who reports the following: "Erin Lucas is the pseudonym of model and actress, Erin Williams. She is a cast member of the MTV reality television show, The City, a spinoff of The Hills, where she is the confidante of long-time friend and main character, Whitney Port. She is the daughter of AC/DC bass guitarist, Cliff Williams."

Not satisfied? Me neither! So I deferred to my second good friend IMDB and hit the message boards (it's my day off and I want to be a famous pop culture writer and I'm working my way through a pot of coffee, OK? Slag off!) and found THIS: "Their ex-boyfriends are best friends. They met a couple years ago through the boyfriends, then went to Coachella and stayed in an RV together." I can totally picture Erin in an RV.

So, Kate and myself, there we are. As to the ID of anybody wearing a beanie or in the airport, well...hey, this is show is on demand and Mick is off doing laundry! Gooooooooooooooal!

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