Monday, January 26, 2009

Deep thoughts on The City

1. As bitchy as Olivia was about it, I agree with her that she didn't need to know all the dramz surrounding our ridiculous cast members Adam and Allie. I also agree that really it does sound immature that Whitney has talked about it with almost everyone else in the cast.

2. Seriously. Allie break the fuck up with this dude. If you doubt him that strongly, it's probably for a reason. I am so over girls and guys putting up with jerks. There are way hotter and way nicer people out there. Why can't you trust this girl over Adam? I could almost see the 'cha-ching she bought it' in his eyes when she finally gives in and says I love you too.

3. Why, just because your boyfriends bestie has (clearly) cheated on his girl, would that mean you shouldn't trust your guy? That's just weird and as Olivia would say, "You're what, 23? You're not, like, in high school."

Love this show.


Alison said...

I laughed at Olivia's whole drama dismissing scene. And when she and Nevan were talking about drama is if it were a strange odor or a bad food. Also at the scene at the end Adam sounded as if he was reading from some book called "All the lines you should feed your girlfriend to get her to believe you when you're clearly a lying d-bag." In conclusion, how excited am I for Kelly Cutrone next week.

Kate said...

As I am on the DVR plan, I don't really know what you ladies are typin about, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE when I read a post and have to look down at the bottom to see which Alley wrote it. Which would be most of the time.

Alli said...

I'm excited for Kelly too! I live for super bitches as long as they're not super bitchy to me!