Friday, January 2, 2009

The City, my laptop edition

It's become easier for me to catch MTV shows on-line. The downside is, dork that I am, since I can't get at the blog I make notes about stuff I want to write about; the upside is, no commercials. Just like, 30 second blurbs where commercials usually are. Although it can feel odd when I'm wearing headphones watching and Mick is watching something on TV and we both randomly laugh at things. Also, the blurb of the first episode was for this new movie The Unborn, which I thought looked kind of cool, plus it's got Gary Oldman who is awesome, plus it's from the co-writer of The Dark Knight...then today I find out that Micheal Bay is the producer! For those who read my old blog, suffice to say I think Micheal Bay is a hack.

That having all been said, I finally watched the first two episodes of The City and I am in love. Much like The Hills (what would our show be called? The Plains?) it made me a bit nostalgic for my time in L.A. The excitement of living in a big glam city that can swallow you whole...By the way, at the risk of sounding like a total idiot which luckily has never stopped me before, does anyone else ever mentally picture their location and who they're with popping up on an imaginary screen from watching these shows so much? Like the other day I met my friend Angela from work for lunch, and in my head "Punch Pizza, Highland Area" flashed across, followed by "Alison," "Angela, Alison's co-worker" and "Matt, Angela's friend."

I found the credits a bit odd, only in that they showed pre-filmed close-ups of everybody. And the whole thing left me with some questions, like who the hell is this Erin person? I quite enjoy her, by the way. And I couldn't help but notice the bright nail polish--orange, yellow, white--being a contrast to Lauren's perma-black nails. Is this a nail polish symbolism? I also enjoyed the way the phrase "art dealer" was featured so prominently in The Dinner Party (is this the kind of thing we're supposed to be throwing at our age?). I was highly entertained by the second episode, especially by Alex going out of his way to point out he hates being "that guy" then proceeds to spend the rest of his airtime being "that guy". And curse words were flying! The icing on the whole cake was Kelly Cutron's confusion/apparent disgust over Olivia having a job. Oh, I laughed. I would love a little Kelly being judgemental snippet every episode. It's official. I'm going to rock this show hardcore. In "Alison and Mick's apartment, St. Paul."

Oh yeah, and happy new year.

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