Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The triumphant return of clean-shaven Jack

"What are you doing out of the mental hospital?" -Hurley's dad.

Speaking of mental hospitals, this show could put a gal in one. Mick bravely soldiered through the first 2 episodes with us tonite having never seen it before (though Hurley actually summed up the entire show til now in less then two minutes to his ma quite nicely). After the first few minutes I was ready to poke my eyes out. After the first hour I felt a feeling best expressed by my dad that he said after basically every episode last season when I would call to discuss: "This show is really starting to piss me off." In a bit of wisdom expressed from my Minnesota dad Jeff, when he called me after the show to get my thoughts and I told him I was completely confused, he pointed out that they are jumping around in time, which is confusing. Thank god they're not doing the usual flashbacks/flashforwards because there's enough going on as it is.

I started to settle down a bit in the second hour, which to me was a little less fast-paced, something my brain needed. We had been discussing the role of Hurley earlier in the evening and it was nice to see him get some good airtime, and I have to say I do love his parents. I'm glad the new castaway's shelf life was shortlived, and I'm confused by Ben's new friend Jill the butcher (Reason #501 I'm still staying away from meat--apparently you never know when an evil genius is keeping a body "safe" in the meat lockers). I'm interested by the woman who wouldn't sell Des the ring suddenly popping up in Ben's life, though somehow not surprised. Let's face it, this show somehow manages to simaltaneously constantly surprise me yet not suprise me by suprising me at the same time. If you found that confusing, you sort of have an idea of what's going on in my head.

Good band names from tonite: Death by Dishwasher; Libby Says Hi.


Kate said...

I didn't understand about 84% of what you said but IT IS SO CUTE that Big Jeffrey called you to dish. Love it.

Alli said...

I got it all girl. I live for the confusion this show brings to my life.