Saturday, January 10, 2009

While I love thai food...

I just watched The Real World Brooklyn premiere, and the one thing I took away from it was this: Katelynn got her gender reassignment surgery done in...Thailand.

Hopefully this season doesn't include her untimely medical demise, cause that just sounds like not the safest way to go about things. It was probably quicker then getting it done here. I imagine that's why she did it. It's just...foreign country gender reassignment surgery? That just sounds like a Lifetime movie waiting to happen.

Oh, and Ryan and Chet are sketch.
That's about it.


Alli said...

there was an after show after the premiere where mark (remember from the first road rules) interviewed Katelynn and she said she went there becaue the surgeon was the best in the world. I also thought Thailand for gender reassignment sounded a little like you'd wind up without a liver in a bathtub full of ice but c'est la vie.

Alison said...

The best gender reassignment surgeon in the world is in Thailand? Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep better at night, I guess. I just picture Dr. Nick from the Simpsons.