Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History through texting

Alli (at work): Are you watching?
Alison (forcing herself awake): Has it started?
Alli: Just.
Alison: Watching. I've never watched one of these before.
Alli: I watched in third grade for Bill Clinton.
Alison: Are you watching at school?
Alli: Yes. All the classrooms have it on.
Alison: I bet his kids are thinking, it's cold out and this is boring, we better get two damn puppies.
Alli: I was thinking that too.
Alison: Oh I'm going to cry.
Alli: I got a little teary. Good thing I'm in back. There are kids complaining about having to watch. Do you think I'd get in trouble for hitting them?
Alison: Nah...Did he memorize this? That's crazy.
Alli: Well he's probably waited for this forever. Our using a prompter...Prompter.
Alison: Oprah holding cue cards you mean.
Alli: Oh god, don't make me laugh I'm in class.

(13 min. later)
Alison: Finally! Oprah!

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Alli said...

why cnn hasn't hired us as commentators yet I do not know...