Thursday, January 15, 2009

SIL Reco #17

My sister-in-law and I always end up talking about TV.  She is/was/is a big Gilmore Girls fan and likes other good shows.  She recently borrowed my complete series of My So-Called Life (yeah- that's right- all 19 episodes) and re-watched em.  So when she suggests shows to me I usually check em out.  

She loaned me the first season of Samantha Who?  and I am on episode three and likin it. It seemed a little hokey at first- girl loses her memory and has to figure out who she was- but Christina Applegate is wonderful. I love her.  I will call her Chrissy Ap. Sookie (how does one spell that?) is in it and kind of Sookie-like but a little crazier. And heavier I think. NOT that that matters.  It's funny, Chrissy Ap is cute, Sookie is Sookie and Jean Smart got a job!

you should check it out if you have a hole in your schedule on whatever night it is that this show is on.  I'm gonna get my DVR on the case. 

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