Friday, January 16, 2009

Bling bling, or not

So, apparently when asked by InTouch mag why she went to the Globes sans wedding ring, Jennifer Lopez explained it away with a simple "It just didn't go with the dress."

Riiiight. I know all married women think that when they're trying on clothes. "Hmm, will this match the thing I tend to wear, oh, pretty much all of the time seeing as how it's my wedding ring? I mean, everyone will be scrutinizing my entire outfit to make sure it matches a ring that I generally wear at every other event I attend." I should probably keep that in mind when I get married. Maybe I'll get a clear ring. That will go with everything!


Alli said...

In her defense sometimes I've seen other stars do this if if doesn't go with the rest of the jewelry, but it totally wouldn't have clashed with her globe dress PLUS when you know it's being reported that your marriage is in shambles you know you'd be sporting the ring if it weren't true

Alison said...

Well then I hope that one day we're famous enough to be spotted not wearing our rings cause they clash with our outfits. Though let's face my outfits often clash anyway if I can help it.