Saturday, January 17, 2009

An open letter to...Pepsi.

Lately I've seen billboards with one word that incorporate a logo into one of the letters. Words like "love" and "howdy." I've confirmed my suspicions that the logo is that of Pepsi. Which leads me to write...

An Open Letter to Pepsi.
Dear Pepsi,

Recently it has come to my attention that you are apparently launching yet another ad campaign. LBH, Pepsi: Give it up. Coke clearly has the edge, especially when it comes to advertising. I mean, Santa Claus drinks Coke. So, please, stop with the attempted theatrics. Be thankful for the faithful customers you do have. Like My Favorite Uncle Don who can tell the difference between Pepsi bottled/canned in New Ulm, MN and Pepsi bottled/canned in Fargo, ND. Now THERE is an ad campaign!

Faithful coke drinker,

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