Saturday, January 17, 2009

"My vegetables sing to me."

All right. Traci told me about this really cool blog called nogoodforme which in turn just introduced me to Thunderant. Apparently, Fred Armissen (of Saturday Night Live fame, my favorites of his body of work include Ferictio The Drummer who to this day inspires me to tell people that I'm yust keeding! and those hilarious Weekend Update things where he and that other akward guy explain things to us through songs that consist entirely of them singing nonsense) and Carrie Brownstein (who was in Sleater-Kinney who I met once and totally cried and then when they went on "indefinite hiatus" I totally cried again and called my dad who had no idea what I was talking about but these sorts of phone calls are one of the staples of our relationship) make short films now. So far I only watched 3 but giggled a lot, especially at the end of The Perfect Song and at most of Feminist Bookstore Episode 2 (as a feminist I cannot stress enough the importance of being able to laugh at one's feminist self). I had no idea Carrie Brownstein is hilarious. Now I'll be the first to admit my sense of humor is a bit off sometimes but I'm fairly sure at least someone else who reads/writes this blog will get a good laugh out of it.

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