Monday, January 12, 2009

Every rose really does have its thorn

Like I said in an earlier post, I was watching Conan tonight and he was interviewing Dr. Drew and it was a very good interview. The first mind blower of the night was that Dr Phil does not have a medical license. I'm no fan of his but doesn't it seem like someone doling out advice should have some sort of knowledge on the subject? Could I then just convince Oprah to give me a show and give you advice?

Next subject was Drew's new spin-off of 'Celeb rehab' called 'Sober House' where we follow the rehabers that chose to go into sober living. I'm not sure which celebs will be there but I'm sure I'll watch an episode or two (it makes a very good workout show). It was interesting though, the two started discussing reality shows in general and they make the point that most of the shows put only crazy people on tv. Now I know you're saying, "Fuckin' duh Alli, that's what makes good tv!" But they meant actual crazy, borderline personality disordered people. I never thought of that. Maybe because I always wanted to be on Real World when I was younger for the experience, but it makes total sense that it'd be a very narcissistic person who'd think that everyone in tv land should know their business and what their demons are. Drew also made the point that reality tv is now displaying people's emotional 'deformities' like PT Barnum displayed physical deformities.

Interesting. And really all those reality dating shows now seem sadder than before. Maybe I should send this to Bret Michaels?

Sidenote: Daniel Radcliffe was on the show too and it was a very funny interview. Since I love all things Harry Potter, I'll post the interview as soon as I can find it.

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Alison said...

Yeah, Brett is now on his THIRD attempt to find love and it's on...a tour bus. Those things are IMPOSSIBLE to get it on in.