Friday, January 23, 2009

Reenactors: the unsung heroes.

No, I'm not talking about those people who dress up like soldiers and reenact historical events. I'm talking about the fine folks who bring true stories to life. Not like on Lifetime movies though; I'm talking the people on shows like A Haunting, or Unsolved Mysteries, or any other number of awesome shows that provide us a chance to see what really or may have happened on that mysterious day in question. Bonus when they show footage of the actual person they're depicting talking and they look barely anything like them, except maybe the same hair color. It must be sort of validating, I mean yeah, you had a traumatic experience with a ghost or whatnot but you get a chance to tell your story and have a more attractive version of your ordinary normal self do so. So, hats off to you, people who do TV shows pretending they're real people that had terrible things happen to them. Now we can all share in their misery/intrigue/scurry sitches.

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Kate said...

I ALWAYS used to say I wanted to be a reenactress. Mostly cuz the name is fun. I could really go for a nice Unsolved Mysteries marathon. With company of course- this girl isn't going to be left alone with Robert Stack (R.I.P.)