Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do North or South Side Tilly know about this?

Mick and I are finally the proud owners of the complete Gilmore series and just finished watching the last episode together. Which leads me to point out...East Side Tilly: the greatest character we never see!

If you have lots of time on your hands, like we do apparently, check out this unofficial site. It apparently puttered out before the last season but it has tons of quizzes (though apparently doesn't see fit to tell you, when wrong, what the correct answer is...) and some of the music featured (Trace, did you notice "Love Burns" in "One's Got Class and the other one Dyes"?). Sadly, no pics of East Side Tilly. Maybe she's best left to the imagination.

While driving to the grocery store (syrup, half and half, Triscuts and english muffins, now you're all caught up on our lives) Mick and I were discussing favorite Gilmore moments. Maybe compiling a top ten list is in our future. So far I came up with these:
1. The marathon Friday Night Fight montage.
2. Gil's rendition of "Hollaback Girl" complete with bogus bag line.
3. When Paris covers for Rory when Dean discovers she and Jess at the house.
4. Luke and Lore's first kiss, as interrupted by naked Kirk.
5. My pick for best Emily and Lorelai moment is in the last episode when Lorelai suggests continuing Friday night dinners--that one fleeting moment when you catch something closed to pleased/happy on Emily's face!...then her normal face kicks back in. Eh, what can you do. (When they get drunk and have a computer lesson and discuss canoes vs. kayaks comes in close 2nd.)
6. When Jess comes to visit Rory and Logan is a total d-bag and Jess tries to figure out what Rory's problem is. Is anything more swoonworthy then him yelling "Who knows you better then me?" (Well, actually he would probably come in after Lorelai in a knowing Rory contest, but let's not argue semantics, shall we not?)
7. Rory and Lorelai singing the theme to Pippi Longstocking during the double date.
8. When Rory comes back to the Inn after the long fight and Michel lets excitement to see her slip through his normally French demeanor.
9. When Rory, Lane, and Paris share a moment drinking Miss Patty's Founder's Day Punch.

10. Um...hmm. I do like it when Richard and Emily come to Rory's birthday party and Richard reads a Cosmopolitan on the front porch. But I also like when Michel and Sookie both have ennui. And Lane's wedding when they run from the house to the church...OK. Maybe it would be more of top 20 list. Let me know what I'm missing, please.


Alli said...

Oh! I am going to do a list too! I love when after Rory ditches school and spends the entire day with jess he waits to ask her til she's on the bus why she came. And then she has the melt down with lorelai because you know she loves him. it makes me cry

Alli said...

I also love when michel yells "Rory!" when they show ever

Traci said...

The episode where the girls get drunk on Founder's Day punch is fantastic. I love Paris running around Stars Hollow barefoot and begging for change. If I knew how to spell the sound she makes when she's rejected, I'd totally type it here. IN ALL CAPS.

Also, yes, I did notice Love Burns. But I think my favorite musical moment is when Lorelai drenches Lane's "before" wedding dress (which, btw, I maintain is better than the "after") with coffee. I don't know what the song is, but I must find it at some point.

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