Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things in common with those you will never meet

Maybe it's the fact that I lived in L.A. (sorry to be a name dropper) but every once in awhile on a tv show or something someone will say they were somewhere and I get all excited and think, I was there too! Like Michel just mentioned on Gilmore that on his trip to Cali he went to Coffee Bean. I went to Coffee Bean! I took Alli! Granted Coffee Beans are the equivalent of Starbucks in L.A. so the chances Michel and I went to the same Coffee Bean are slim to none (may I add there were still an equal number of Starbucks, AND 7-11s so, coffee abound). Traci found a pic online on another blog of some girls at the Echo Club and WE were at the Echo Club! The thrillingest hands down was when Audrina and JB went to Toi on The Hills, back when Audrina didn't annoy the heck outta me. Toi is like only my favorite restaurant ever. And let me tell you, life is a little bit tougher when your fav restaurant in the world is two plane rides away. Excellent thai food, coffee everywhere, temperatures that don't have a minus sign in front of them...That's it! We're all moving to L.A.! You too, Michel.


Alli said...

I'm not sure i'd want michel around all the time. I wonder if he too was serenaded and given free coffee by cute boys?

Kate said...

Um. My guess is that you and Michel were not at the same Coffee Bean- you know, because he's fictional.

Just wait til NOT winter when you talk about all the reasons you are glad you are here and not in la. talk to me then. thanks,