Monday, January 26, 2009

Now, where did that Amy go?

Maybe I'm slow, but the first time I heard that Britney has a song on her new CD called "If You Seek Amy" I thought, that's odd. Then I have to say it fast. Repeatedly, if need be. Then I read that it's going to be her new single and of course everyone's up in arms about it. This girl is an evil genius. The lyrics themsleves are a bit ridiculous--mentioning Amy as if she's an actual person, and not just a reason to, well, spell something out. And I could do without the ha ha hee hee bit. But damnit if I haven't listened to the thing several times in a row now, it's got a great beat and it's catchy. Of course the radio version they released will be "If you see Amy" which in and of itself is even more ridiculous. I've always been of the mind that parents are too quick to blame everyone else but themselves for what their kids listen to, and if it bothers them so much maybe they screen what their kids are listening to. Seriously, when I was in high school I had to buy my own Hole CD's because my parents refused to support Courtney Love's drug habit--but that's one of the things I admire about my parents. They parented me! (Granted I did then hide my Marilyn Manson in my drawer.) So, this round goes to Britney. At least this will be more fun for me to repeat then "Womanizer."

Want to know more about this fun subject? Visit this Rolling Stone article then Youtube to hear the Jam fo yoself!


Kate said...

I repeated this title for DAYS after I heard my local top 40 DJ mention the controversy. I can't remember how many days it was before I googled it and had some tween on a discussion board break it down for me. Am I REALLY getting that old?

Alison said...

Yes. And if YOU'RE getting old, then I am screwed.

melting hearts under the midnight sun said...

Her new album is okay, but she finds a way to draw attention even when the music isn't that great. I'm not sure it's singing that's her talent.